Saturday, 29 December 2007

First Garment of my SWAP completed

The jacket is Simplicity3631 and it is the first part of my Sewing With a Plan. I made it in a burnt red cord from Timmel Fabric. I really enjoyed sewing this pattern. I made a size 10 and the only alterations I made was to narrow the sleeves and lengthen the belt. I narrowed each front and back sleeve piece by 6 inches, that makes a whopping 12 inch off each sleeve. I am only 5"4 and I just felt that the extra-wide kimono sleeves would drown me. To do this I measured 6 inches in from the seam on the lower edge of the sleeve and then used the hip curve of the skirt pattern to draw the new cutting line. There are full instructions in the Sew Stylish magazine that featured this pattern. I also lengthened the belt by about 6 inches following the other reviews on Pattern Review.

I am really pleased with the fit of the jacket and the modern cut and styling. If I were to make the jacket again I would do so in a more drapy fabric, and possibly try some of the variations in Sew Stylish magazine.

As the jacket is not lined, and I do not have an overlocker, I bound the seam allowances with satin tape.

All in all, I am really pleased with my jacket and feel that I am off to a good start. It spurred me on to go shopping for the rest of my material for my plan. The mission was successful and I am going to work on my storyboard soon.

Monday, 24 December 2007

New Christmas Dress

I am really pleased with the way this dress has turned out. I am just getting back into sewing after many years "time out" so it is quite a relief when a pattern turns out. The pattern is Simplicity 3835. I made a size 10, the mini dress and I didn't have to make one single adjustment to the pattern. I am really pleased with the fit and I love the 60s feel of the dress. The fabric is a mystery satin print.

The photo above was taken just before we went out for a night out in Edinburgh where we went for a great weekend. This was taken by the waiter in Browns where we had a fantastic meal. The devilishly handsome chap with me is Craig, my boyfriend.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

decision made

This is it!
I have made a complete shift in my thinking regarding my SWAP. When the newest Boden catalogue dropped onto the doormat it just spoke to me! My plan is going to be based around charcoal and berry colours, with a berry red velvet jacket and scrummy smart casual clothers "a la Boden" to go with it.
So, with the main planning decision out of the way, its down to the fabrics and individual garment choices. I feel a shopping trip coming on.....

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

decisions, decisions, decisions!

I am loving all the chat on Artisan Square and seeing everyone's plans. I feel mine are rather confused, especially as I cannot decide upon a wardrobe pattern. So, here are the ones I am considering. I am planning my swap to be a spring wardrobe suitable for going on holiday at Easter. I am thinking of navy, white and lemon as my colour scheme but would also consider adding beige and/or red into the mix. Then again I am also taken with the idea of a black and white theme! I definitely don't want business wear and a lot of the patterns have a formal jacket.

I am not too keen on the jacket (too formal) or skirt (too full) but I like the top, dress and wide leg pants.

I like the dress and the top, as well as the skirt. Putting them side by side like this has made me realise how similar they are. Wondering if this will be a more flattering design when made up because it is fitted under the bust.

My other option is to choose a pattern with basics in it and add to it with more individual pieces.

I have actually just purchased this pattern and I have ordered the Sew Stylish magazine in which it featured so this is yet another option.I have not seen the article yet, but Erica B has some photo's of the garments.

How do I decide?

Sunday, 30 September 2007

SWAP contest 2008

The competition rules for Timmel Fabrics have just been posted. They are as follows:

Here are the SWAP rules for 2008
1. Fabric/pattern purchase minimum value of $25 Canadian to be made from Timmel Fabrics between Oct. 1, 2007 and March 1, 2008. This fabric or pattern must be featured as one item in the SWAP.
2. Each SWAP must consist of 11 garments. See below for descriptions.
3. A print, plaid, check, or stripe must be used for one of the garments. This can be used in a top, or bottom, or even jacket, but it must coordinate with the other pieces. And you can make your own print (if you wish) by embellishing your fabric yourself by painting, stenciling, stitching.
4. You are allowed to use one garment that you have purchased (i.e. not sewed). And you can knit, crochet, or weave one garment if you choose.
5. All garments must be made between January 1/08 and April 11/08 with the exception of two garments which can be made previous to the time period. You are also allowed to use one garment that has been purchased.
6. 2008 Twist – Three garments must be made from one "wardrobe" pattern. You must make three uniquely different garments from that pattern; making one type of garment three times will not qualify. These patterns are available from all the major pattern companies and they usually include a jacket, dress and/or skirt, pants, blouse or top. For our purposes, any pattern with at least three different garments that work together will be counted as a "wardrobe" pattern. The patterns labelled "wardrobe patterns" often have 4 or 5 garments in them; but as long as the pattern has three different garments, it will qualify. The purpose of this year's rule is to encourage making the best use of a pattern; in other words, work it for what it is worth. The other 8 garments can come from any other pattern or patterns or be self-drafted.
7. This year is back to one type of SWAP. This consists of 11 garments, 4 bottoms (skirts and/or pants), 6 tops (2 should be more like blouses than just tees), and 1 jacket that will work with all the tops and bottoms. This gives you a total of 48 possible combinations. However, you can substitute a dress or dresses for two of the tops if you wish. Therefore, your SWAP can be 1 jacket, 4 bottoms, 4 tops, 2 dresses or it can be 1 jacket, 4 bottoms, 5 tops and 1 dress. The jacket must work with all combinations. In the case of a jumper, this would count as a "bottom" item, in that it must work with all the tops and it must also be able to be worn with the jacket. A vest is counted as a jacket since it is usually worn over a top. If it can be worn solo, count it as a top.
A jacket does not have to be a tailored jacket. It can be a lace overshirt that you wear over your other garments, it can be a shrug, or shawl, poncho or cape. It can also be an overcoat if you wish to make that. It could also be a knitted or crocheted sweater. It must work with all the tops and bottoms (and dresses if you make them).

Look here for full details and links to articles about SWAP's: Sewing With a Plan.