Thursday, 11 February 2010

The first step:patterns ordered

There are a few very tentative signs that spring is on its way and it is light by 7.30am for my morning drive to work. So I feel the urge to start on my spring wardrobe. I am going to Iceland next week which I have decided will be my personal official end to winter (ha!). I am an utter failure at SWAP: Sewing With A Plan, yet I do feel the urge to move in that direction and certainly like the concpt, if not the execution. I have posted before about my admiration for Michelle Obama's fashion sense so I have decided to created clothes inspired by her. Not as in a planned wardrobe but a vague direction to head towards. Neat shift dresses are the first things I think of so I have ordered these two patterns:

The first attracted me after seeing Erica B's one shoulder version and because it offers good variations for the bodice. It think this is a great idea giving value for money and helps with pattern fitting.

The second pattern is a direct copy of the dress Mrs O wore when she first went to the White House. Vogue also have a version of this dress but is only suitable for knits. Butterick's pattern uses stable knits or stretch wovens.
I won't be sewing for a couple of weeks but at least the preparations have begun.