Monday, 17 August 2009

Wardrobe in a week (WIAW)

On the Artisan's Square Stitchers Guild Forum you can join in this just for fun competition. You have this week to prepare, then next week to sew any four coordinating garments. I am seeing this as a prelude to the SWAP on Pattern Review which starts in September (11 garments). My aim is to make a casual collection to wear with a green jacket I bought last year.

Tartan Cotton: Shirt BWOF1/2008 107

Navy Cotton Velvet: simple above knee A line Skirt from Sew U book (no pics as from book)

Charcoal 100% wool flannel: A line skirt with front inverted pleat and front pockets adapted from Sew U pattern

Red Stripe Jersey: boat neck top from Sew U stretch book

My target is to complete my preparation by Friday. I have even made myself a to-do list!
  1. Boat neck top: cut out, iron seam tape to neck edge
  2. Shirt: cut out, interface collar and cuffs
  3. Blue skirt: redraft pattern so it fits, cut out, interface waist-facing
  4. Grey Skirt: cut out, interface waist-facing.
Initially, I wasn't sure about separating the preparation from the sewing, as opposed to making each garment in turn. I have to say though, it has helped to ensure my plans are finalised before I plunge in. I think one of the mistakes I make with the 11 garment SWAP is that I was a little vague on a few of my garments before I began, I then made some rushed choices which didn't really work. Hopefully, this one will turn out better.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Two muslins made

I am not doing any more to this at the moment, I am going on another sewing day in a couple of weeks so I am going to make it then.

I have also made a muslin of the boat neck t-shirt from the Sew U book. It is too big for me as I made the medium because lots of reviews said how small the patterns are in this book, however I think a small will fit better. The neck opening is also too large so I will adjust that.

This is going to be part of my casual mini-collection for the WIAW (wardrobe in a week) on Artisan Square. I haven't chosen everything yet but I have some striped jersey for this top and purple cord and grey flannel for two A line skirts from the Sew U book. I hope to make a checked shirt for my second top but I haven't found the right fabric yet. Preparation starts on Friday and sewing is the following week.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A married lady and a planner

On 17th July I became a married lady. The day was absolutely wonderful, better than I could have possibly hoped for and I will treasure my memories forever. We went on honeymoon to Lake Garda, Italy which was also absolutely fabulous. Our hotel was right on the lake and our room faced the lake looking onto the mountains on the other side. We did quite a lot of sight-seeing but also a lot of lazing around y the pool which was just what we needed after the hectic time leading up to the wedding. You can see a full view of my dress here:

Now that I am back from honeymoon I am planning my autumn sewing. Autumn is my favourite season and I love the new fashions that are coming into the shops right now, added to the fact that I haven't sewn much over the past months means I am really fired up to get going! As seems to be the fashion on a few blogs at the moment, I have made myself a little plan:
  1. A winter coat: I have never made one before so this will be a new challenge. I have purchased Butterick 5145 and bought some lovely black wool with cashmere for it.B5145.jpg
  2. A casual capsule wardrobe. I am considering joining in the wardrobe in a week contest on Artisans Square. I am gathering my ideas at the moment but I am thinking about a Boden inspired collection.
  3. A Chanel Jacket: inspired by Coco before Chanel I have joined the Chanel Jacket sew along. I have made one before and I want to improve on my technique. I have also worn that jacket loads ( once a week) so I am really looking forward to another one.
  4. A tailored suit: I really want to improve the quality of my garments and learn some couture techniques.
  5. A cape: I wanted to make one last year and I didn't get around to it. I have noticed that they are still big news this autumn. so it is definitely on my list
  6. A shift dress: quite frankly I don't know how I have NOT made one yet!
  7. Narrow leg trousers: even though I am slim, I am pear shaped and have not got into the skinny leg jeans thing but I think I might give these a go.
  8. Shirts: I have worn the red blouse I made a lot so want to make some more. I am loving the checked shirts that are in the shops right now and I want to start with that one.
  9. Pencil Skirts: again, something I have had success with before and I want to try some new patterns.
  10. TNTs: I want some of the patterns I use this autumn to become TNTs so that I make better fitting garments.
WOW: this is quite a list!
My other target is to blog more regularly so I will keep you updated on my progress. My first job is to make my muslin for my coat.