Friday, 28 December 2012

2013 Sewing goals

No review of 2012 sewing for me! The only sewing I did was maternity sewing and I have no photos to prove it. I do have twin daughters though....... So whilst I will not have much time for sewing in 2013 I am determined to carve out a little time for myself. Hopefully writing these goals down will help me to achieve them.

The principles:

1. To sew for 2 hours a week. I know the luxury of a weekend of sewing uninterrupted will just not be possible so the real challenge for me will be to carve out snippets of time to sew. Tilly has recently written about sewing for 15 minutes  a day but I think I am going to strive for two one hour slots.

2. To sew for my actual lifestyle, ie a mum and part time teacher whose social life comprises of seeing friends and family. I am no longer an about town career girl!

3. To sew a coordinated wardrobe ( as inspired by Janice at the Vivienne Files)

4. To blog what I sew as a record of my progress

5. To take steps to improve my skills and thus the quality of what I make, possibly by trying an online course.

A few specifics:

6. To try some of the independent pattern companies that have sprung up in recent years. If nothing else, to see if they are worth burning the extra cash eg, make a Beignet skirt, a Tova tunic, and perhaps a Sewaholic pattern.

7. To make an outfit inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge. I have wanted to do this for ages.

8. To make a Boden inspired outfit, this could apply to my whole wardrobe.

9. To sew something for my husband.

10. To sew more Oliver and S clothes for my daughters.

I am writing this listening to a radio programme reviewing 2012; not only the Olympics and Golden Jubilee etc, but also people's personal achievements such as the 65 year old lady who adopted the motto "Just Do It" and began the year doing a zip wire. The programme was totally inspirational and I am writing about it here so I can remember it and draw upon it. I am a "right one" for setting goals and then not achieving them because I have moved on to another whim but I am really determined that I will achieve these goals during 2013. Or else........

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring Sewing

Despite the fact that it is still cold here in Blighty, there is a definite mood that Spring is on its way. That must mean it is time to end all thoughts of tweeds, wool and heavy knits and time to start planning our spring wardrobes. Inspired by the Sew Weekly challenges of "Pretty as a Picture" and using the "Pantone Spring Colours", here is my first spring outfit.

The Top is Vogue 1127. There are loads of reviews of this top on Pattern Review, all commenting about how big this top runs. In particular, I used the alterations that Amanda S made to reduce the width and length of the ties and the width of the collar. I sewed a Size 6 instead of a Size 8 but I wish I had left the armholes a size 8 as it is a little bit snug there. I decided this was far better than a gaping armhole though and left it.

The Skirt is Vogue 8603. Again, judging by the number of patterns on Pattern Review, this is a very popular skirt pattern. I made view A with the side gather details. This is a fabulous pattern and I urge anyone looking for a new skirt pattern to give it a go. I cut a Size 12 and it fit me without any alterations whatsoever. In fact, I love this skirt pattern so much I am currently making View C in navy cotton sateen with gold topstitching and gold buttons. I have made the outer skirt and just need to complete the lining

Just one question..... to Spanx or not to Spanx? A year on from giving birth, I am pretty much back to my former RTW Size 10, apart from what can only be described as a flap of stomach around by belly button ( sorry if this is too much information). Looking at these photos I realise that it might be time to investigate foundation garments!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chanel Jacket

I finished my black Chanel Jacket a while ago but I haven't had time to blog about it yet. This is the second time I have made a Chanel type Jacket and I am much happier with the finish I have achieved on this version. I used a different pattern for this one, Simplicity 4241(OOP). It is very similar to the Vogue pattern I used last time but I like the turn up cuffs on this version.
If you are going to make one of these jackets, I highly recommend you use the techniques explained by Claire Schaeffer in her book Couture Sewing Techniques. I quilted the lining to the jacket fabric first, before machine stitching the jacket body and hand sewing the lining together. On the Chanel Sew-a-long website there are loads of resources if you are interested in sewing a jacket using these techniques. All I can say is: the more time, care and attention you spend on it, the better your finish will be. I suppose this is true of all sewing, and indeed most things in life!

I absolutely love this type of jacket. It feels like a cardigan because it is so comfy and light (no interfacing is used) but it has the polish of a tailored jacket.

I was in LK Bennett recently and I saw this jacket, The Madi. At £225.000, and the fit not being as good, I think I have done very well! I am still considering adding a fringe trim like the Madi Jacket, even though I have already worn the jacket twice! I might pin it on to see what it looks like. What's been holding me back is time and the fear that I will shed everywhere because boy does this boucle tweed shed like mad!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sew Weekly

Sew Weekly is a site worth discovering! Each week there is a sewing challenge set which acts as inspiration for a new creation. Last week was "All Buttoned-up" which inspired the button tabs on the skirt I just made. This week the challenge is "Make the Look". The idea is to create an outfit based on a look you have seen. I am making good progress with my Chanel Jacket but I haven't got time to sew anything else. Just for fun though, this is what I would do:

My look:

I have always loved this DvF dress worn by Kate Middleton. Her dress is silk but I think this could be made is any silky or viscose fabric, or even a knit could give you the same look. As for patterns:

I love the Lisette Itinerary Dress (Simplicity 2060) although that has a yolk. This Vogue pattern (1207) has the V-back that Kate's dress has:

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Simplicity 2211

Even though I said I was back sewing in JULY 2011, obviously, I wasn't really! It has taken me until now to really get my mojo back. I thought I would start off with a quick and easy project to get me going. I have this lovely wool tweed in my stash and I wanted a simple shape as the wool is quite thick.

Pattern Description: An A line skirt with belt tabs.

Pattern Sizing:multi sized

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow?Yes, though I changed the waist detail because I was working with thick fabric ( see below for details)

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? This is a quick and easy pattern that is really easy to wear. It came together beautifully.

Fabric Used: Wool tweed

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I pretty much sewed this straight out of the packet. The fit is certainly really good. I did change the waist because after I had sewn the petersham waistband it was too bulky to turn to the inside as you would do normally. This was largely because of the fabric I was using and the tab details, even though I used lining for the inside of the tabs, not fabric as the instructions said. So, what I did was to first sew petersham on the wrong side, then also on to the front, encasing the top of the waist ( I hope that make sense!). I love Boden clothes and I notice that quite a few of their skirts are made like this. It means there is no bulk at all at the waist.

I also put in an invisible zipper.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I want to make the view with pleats next time in a lighter fabric for spring.

Conclusion: Simple enough for a beginner and a great wardrobe builder for everyone.

Next on the cutting table:
A black Chanel jacket. It is already cut out with extra seam allowances ready for the quilting.