Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Two new garments

Theses trousers are made from the Vogue pattern 1035. I made them during a sewing course at the Modern Approach Sewing School with Janet Moville. I cannot recommend Janet highly enough. I went on a two day course where you could sew a garment of your choice. I learned so much from Janet, for example how to make welt pockets, sew a fly zip and the best way to hem a straight edge so that it does not show through. The absolute best thing though is the fit of these trousers. Janet fit my toile to me and then showed me how to alter the tissue pattern so I can make them again in the future.  It is hard to get wider leg trousers to look good when you are petite. You can see how good the fit is:

The second garment is a knit dress from Vogue 1027. 

I bought the fabric from Hot Patterns Ebay store. I made the dress size 8 at the top and 10 at the bottom but I should have made a size 6-8 as the pattern comes up very big. I followed Christina's tutorial about sewing the ties double so that you cannot see the wrong side of the fabric. You can see her guidance here

I am pleased with the dress, particularly the way I have used the stripes in different direction, and I like wearing it, but I have realised that I need to learn how to handle knit fabrics properly. I haven't got the grainlines lined up properly (as ou can see on the back view), the neck seam does gape a little ( I have had to put a stitch to hold it) and the hem is wavy. The fabric was generally very difficult to sew because it kept rolling up.

I have made a purchase, therefore!

I have seen a few good reviews of this book. Wendy, as in "Built by Wendy" explains how to sew with Knits. There are also three patens included. Whilst I was on Amazon, her other book using wovens just happened to fall into my shopping basket at the same how did that happen?

I am also investigating overlockers which I have been dreaming of for a long time. This could get expensive!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Competition

After failing to complete the full 11 garment SWAP Timmel Fabrics competition what with getting engaged and starting a new job etc, I have decided to have a go at this one. I was so impressed with all the Chanel Jackets that people have made that I really wanted to complete one and the fabric is a gorgeous tweed from Linton Tweeds in Carlisle which still supply Chanel and many others with fabric. I am currently trying to fit my muslin of Vogue 7975 because I want it to be quite fitted rather than boxy. To go with it, I am going to make some charcoal grey trousers (more about this pattern later!) and an LBD. I really love this Burda blouse as made by Christina and Laura. My only concern with the blouse is that it won't work under the jacket so this might get changed for another one.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Autumn 2008 Patterns: a few thoughts

I am disappointed in the collection from McCalls. Haven't we seen most of these things before? I for one am fed up with all the smock designs. Just move them all into the maternity section please and bring back clothes that enhance women's figures rather than shrouding them in tents. Just two patterns make the cut for me and to be honest even these aren't particularly original.

M5075 even though the dress on the model looks like Versace on acid, if you look at the sketches I think this is a cute dress. I still like bell sleeves and the fact that this design has a defined waist.  I envision one of these in a nice jewel coloured fine wool crepe / poly blend. Check out the fabric requirements though, it is too early in the morning to get my head around that lot!

M5711: I think this is a great jacket with just the right amount of swing! A very modern shape but not the sort of thing that is going to hang off you. Nice details in the pockets and the sleeve cuffs.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Let the holidays....and the sewing begin!

Well, after I tried to complete the SWAP contest, I ran out of time, I believe I have suitable excuses though. I applied for and got a new job, and I have got engaged. So all in all, very little sewing has been done.

I have abandoned the swap but I am currently in the process of completing a UFO  (V1027) that I was working on at the time of the interruptions.

I will post pictures when I have completed it. Just the hem and a few bits and bobs to finish now.

I will break up for the summer tomorrow and I have loads of sewing planned for my summer holidays. My goal is to take my time over each garment and really improve the quality of my sewing and the fit of my garments. To help I have ordered Vogue Sewing as a much needed reference book:

I am also trying to book myself on some courses, which I should know about soon.