Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Let the holidays....and the sewing begin!

Well, after I tried to complete the SWAP contest, I ran out of time, I believe I have suitable excuses though. I applied for and got a new job, and I have got engaged. So all in all, very little sewing has been done.

I have abandoned the swap but I am currently in the process of completing a UFO  (V1027) that I was working on at the time of the interruptions.

I will post pictures when I have completed it. Just the hem and a few bits and bobs to finish now.

I will break up for the summer tomorrow and I have loads of sewing planned for my summer holidays. My goal is to take my time over each garment and really improve the quality of my sewing and the fit of my garments. To help I have ordered Vogue Sewing as a much needed reference book:

I am also trying to book myself on some courses, which I should know about soon.

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DAZ said...

A UFO?! That sounds really cool ... will it be able to go into space?