Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Progress Report

I have been back at school for a while now so I haven't done as much sewing as I would like but I am determined to keep it up. Writing this post is partly aimed at keeping me focused. That said, I have made some progress:
  1. Winter Coat. I am SO close to finishing this. I have attended some Own Choice sewing days at the Modern Approach Sewing School where the lovely Janet Moville has helped me with new speed tailoring techniques such as putting in a sleeve head, how to correctly use shoulder pads, what a plaston is and how to do a bagged lining. I am really pleased with what I have done, though it takes a lot of time. I think I have spent over 5 days on my coat already! I just have to finish the lining and do the button holes.
  2. Wardrobe in a Week: or month or year! My first top was a complete wadder! My grey skirt looks good but is unfinished. The last two items are still large rectangles of fabric.
  3. Chanel Jacket: the nearest I got was watching the Signe Chanel Jacket on You Tube! So no sewing done but I can thoroughly recommend this documentary made for the BBC.
Just because I am short on time to bring the ideas I already have got to fruition doesn't mean I mean I need any less inspiration. I love Hobbs clothes and they have just brought out a new collection called NW3, named after Hampstead, the spiritual and historic home of Hobbs. Yet again, I advise you to hide your credit card before going to their website!