Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sew Weekly

Sew Weekly is a site worth discovering! Each week there is a sewing challenge set which acts as inspiration for a new creation. Last week was "All Buttoned-up" which inspired the button tabs on the skirt I just made. This week the challenge is "Make the Look". The idea is to create an outfit based on a look you have seen. I am making good progress with my Chanel Jacket but I haven't got time to sew anything else. Just for fun though, this is what I would do:

My look:

I have always loved this DvF dress worn by Kate Middleton. Her dress is silk but I think this could be made is any silky or viscose fabric, or even a knit could give you the same look. As for patterns:

I love the Lisette Itinerary Dress (Simplicity 2060) although that has a yolk. This Vogue pattern (1207) has the V-back that Kate's dress has:

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