Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mini Wardrobe Contest on Pattern Review

I really enjoyed participating in a mini wardrobe contest last year so I have decided to take the plunge again. I have so far finalised three garments: a lavender pencil skirt, a pink and lavender chiffon blouse and a purple floral dress. I plan to make a jacket as my fourth garment but I am undecided on fabric (purple) and the pattern. I will post an updated story board as soon as I have resolved that issue, as well as the other issue of locating my camera! (Actually I can't post any picture for some reason!) The contest starts on 15 March so get planning if you want to take part. I highly recommend it!

I have almost finished the Butterick dress. I am really pleased with it.I have just the hems on the sleeves and skirt to do.

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